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In my kaleidoscopic journey to record songs from my ten years of busking, I have come to the first song I wrote: "Honey I Could Die In Your Arms".

"Ayna Errboe's 'Honey I Could Die In Your Arms' is a mesmerizing jazzy love song infused with his signature folky vibe. This slow, swinging ballad captures the essence of a winding Americana feel, with a certain cabaret flair that transports listeners to a smoky club in 1950s America. The twinkling pianos and rich instrumentation create a vivid, nostalgic atmosphere".

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"The track blends sultry, funky rock with hints of soul and blues, alongside elements reminiscent of 60s dream pop. The guitar solo is truly magnificent, adding depth and dimension to the composition, while Ayna's vocals demonstrate impressive power and range, shining brightly throughout".
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"The song captures the essence of a moment in time, with Errboe’s energetic vocals driving the narrative forward. As the funky bassline grooves alongside dynamic guitar riffs, there’s an undeniable sense of urgency and passion in Errboe’s delivery, reflecting the mood swings and complexities of romantic relationships".

                                   B Side Guys

"New track "Loving You From Far Away" is gorgeously delicate, simple and I promise you'll fall in love with his vocals".

                                   Nordic Music Review

"Even when exploring themes of heartache and turmoil, Ayna manages to find beauty in the narrative, turning moments of despair into mesmerising solace."

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"Errboe’s tenor has absolutely no trouble hitting our sweet spot for the genre – his vocal performance is raw and tender, completely authentic as it nestles itself into the sparsely recorded arrangement."

                                    Up To Hear

"A true piece of acoustic gold that impresses with pleasant melodies, a beautiful harp and a soulful voice at the center."
                                    New Indie Radar

'Belt of Orion' is a captivating journey of blooming creativity."
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"A nostalgic sound with bittersweet hues, but absolutely precious."
                                    Indie For Bunnies

"This track captivates the listener with its intriguing atmosphere and beauty."

"Danish singer-songwriter serenades us with a wonderfully rich and sweeping acoustic-led swoon."
                                    Mystic Sons

"Errboe masterfully bridges intimate folk with ardent rock/pop incorporations."

                                     Obscure Sound

'Just A Woman' is another spellbinding track that really showcases everything Ayna's about. One of the most genuine, passionate new artists you'll hear."
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"..captivates the attention for it's dynamic identity but above all for the epic emotion it transmits to the listeners."

“Just a Woman” isn’t just a song — it’s a snapshot of a journey, a testament to the places love can take us, and a poignant reminder of the places it leaves behind."
                                      B Side Guys

"A socially critical yet uplifting little ditty, it provides food for thought while bringing a benevolent glow.

Ayna has the most charming, personable voice. Homely and authentic, it feels like a friend singing to you. His pleasant demeanor flourishes with every word."

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