Just a Woman / single

Released 15th august 2023

A resonating folk single from Danish artist Ayna Errboe, “Just a Woman” is the second of three debut singles from the artist. “She used to be just a woman; she was always a goddess to me,” Errboe sings during the heartrending rise, ascending thereafter into a rousing charismatic expanse with a ’70s folk-rock flair.

Tender guitar lines follow, adding a sweltering sense of emotion. The flourishing “used to be,” tranquil folk-laden ruminations and ensuing theatrics make for a stirring, eclectic listening experience throughout. Errboe masterfully bridges intimate folk with ardent rock/pop incorporations.

                                       Mike Meneo / Obcure Sound

Denmark busker Ayna Errboe presents his beautiful sophomore single 'Just A Woman'. An outstanding, heartfelt, yet heartbreaking account of troubled love and romantic regret. The tragic tale of while one side is ready to move on, the other's feelings haven't changed. The deathly sense of the person you care most about relinquishing their love.

'Just a Woman' is a stunning folk track, abounding in Ayna's signature sincerity. It evokes the same warm glow of debut single 'You Only Care For You' with its display of unfeigned emotion and homely comforting vocals. It sits somewhere between the classic 60s folk sound of Joan Baez or Bob Dylan and the more contemporary vibes of The Unthanks or Thea Gilmore.

Its exquisite, haunting storytelling encapsulates the sentiments of love and loss with utmost openness. It feels like a true journey through the trials and tribulations of life, meeting its powerful crescendo as the track mounts into an outburst of heavier yet dreamy folk rock.

The guitars are wonderfully pretty with a dark aura, and the harmonies are stunning. 'Just A Woman' is another spellbinding track that really showcases everything Ayna's about. One of the most genuine, passionate new artists you'll hear.
                                         Amy / Click Roll Boom

El músico y compositor danésAyna Errboepresenta el sencillo «Just a Woman», el cual desarrolla su sonidos dentro de una interesante exploración a estilos como el folk, rock y pop bajo una fuerte influencia del sonido folk de los 70s, en este sencillo destaca la expresividad de la voz por las emociones que proyecta en los oyentes pero sobre todo por la forma en que se relaciona con las guitarras, en un diálogo fluido que además se alimentan entre sí para desarrollar un sonido sólido y enérgico, sin dudad este track atrapa la atención por su identidad dinámica pero sobre todos por la emotividad épica transmite a los escuchas, «Just a Woman» es un collage personal, conmovedor y desesperado de estados de ánimo que van desde el folk acústico clásico hasta el folkrock en toda regla, con letras sinceras sobre el amor y la pérdida.

From the windswept coasts of northern Denmark to the rustic bars of southern France, Ayna Errboe has lived, learned, and loved. And in his single “Just a Woman”, all those fragmented experiences seem to coalesce into a poignant tale of love and the piercing ache of its loss. The song itself is a mesmerizing interplay between classic acoustic folk and the dynamism of ’70s folk-rock, weaving a sonic tapestry that’s as vast and varied as the landscapes he’s traversed. Errboe’s lyrics, so deeply entrenched in personal introspection, craft a narrative that’s heartbreakingly familiar: the dissolution of a love once thought immortal.

The chorus resonates with a raw, haunting power: “Yeah she used to be just a woman / But she was always a Goddess to me.” Here, Errboe captures the pedestals we place our loved ones upon, and the harrowing descent when reality redefines those perceptions. The repetitive, almost chant-like refrain of “she’s gone” serves as a somber reminder of love’s transient nature. But it’s not all melancholy; there’s a certain solace in Errboe’s acceptance, a stoic embrace of the pain that comes with passionate love. As he recounts tales of street music, encounters with fellow ‘dharmabums,’ and the lessons gleaned from ‘half-drunk street poets,’ it becomes clear that “Just a Woman” isn’t just a song—it’s a snapshot of a journey, a testament to the places love can take us, and a poignant reminder of the places it leaves behind.
                                                  B Side Guys

You Only Care for You / single
Released 29th july 2023

After years as a street musician Denmark's Ayna Errboe is bringing his music to a broader online audience. His debut release, 'You Only Care for You' was released on July 29th.

'You Only Care For You' has a beautiful homemade, DIY folk vibe. With superb harmonies, simple acoustic guitars, and twinkling keys, it's a delightfully heartwarming listen with a whimsical, carefree aura.

It feels retro, with an air of the 60s riding throughout its uncomplicated stance.

It balances the cynicism at people's self-obsession and single-mindedness with the positive message that however trapped in our minds we may become, we're never truly alone as we're always part of a bigger picture. The encouragement to step out of our lives and embrace the world and people around us. A socially critical yet uplifting little ditty, it provides food for thought while bringing a benevolent glow.

Ayna has the most charming, personable voice. Homely and authentic, it feels like a friend singing to you. His pleasant demeanor flourishes with every word. A delightful listen. Ayna is a passionate musician with a big heart and calm, positive energy.

                                            Amy / Click Roll Boom